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Paris Hilton to launch a new clothing brand Paris Hilton x Boohoo! Fri December 01st, 2023
Paris Hilton to launch a new clothing brand Paris Hilton x Boohoo!
The renowned heiress and early 2000s celebrity Paris Hilton is poised to create ripples in the fashion industry with her newest endeavor, a joint clothing brand with online store Boohoo.com. The 70-piece collection is inspired by the elegance, lifestyle, and fashion of Paris in the early 2000s as well as the atmospheres of Beverly Hills and Ibiza.
The collection, which is reasonably priced at under$100, includes nostalgic pieces such as velour tracksuits, ball gowns with prints of leopard and palm trees, and a striking one-piece bathing suit in hot pink that declares, "That's Hot." Notably, the design included a nod to Paris's iconic style with a glittering rhinestone collar and a reproduction of her iconic silver sequin dress.
Paris Hilton tells Cosmo that she is thrilled and reveals, "I have always loved being a trendsetter — creating my own style. I really just went all-out with this collection and it totally represents me," she added "Beverly Hills hotel palm-inspired print dress," the "sexy gold halter swimsuit," and the "'That's Hot' chihuahua tracksuit."
Adding fashion designers to her portfolio, Paris Hilton, a beauty tycoon already known for her 23 perfumes and makeup company Paris Hilton Cosmetics, is growing. On June 20, Paris Hilton x Boohoo will launch, giving fans an opportunity to fully indulge in their early 2000s nostalgia.


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