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Vicky Kaushal to reveal Katrina's "biggest complaint" about him! Tue November 28th, 2023
Vicky Kaushal to reveal Katrina's
After being married over two years ago, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif have grown to become one of Bollywood's most beloved pairs. Vicky loves to show his wife Katrina how much he cares and often tells her stories about their shared life. Vicky Kaushal was questioned recently about his role as a green flag spouse and the red flags he needed to confront or change for his wife, Katrina Kaif.
Vicky Kaushal disclosed in a recent interview with a newspaper that his wife, actress Katrina Kaif, was mostly worried about him because he was stubborn, and he actively worked to change this quality. He revealed, “The biggest complaint that Katrina has always had is that sometimes I’m too stubborn. That needed a little bit of moderation."
When asked what he missed most about being single, Vicky Kaushal replied, "The Ms. is now my Mrs., so it's all good," in response to a question. When asked who else besides himself had great chemistry with Katrina, Vicky said Akshay Kumar and that he loved the film Namastey London. Katrina and Akshay starred in the 2007 movie, which was one of Katrina's first big hits.


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